1. The pendulous skin under the neck of an ox, which laps or licks the dew in grazing, or a similar feature on any other animal.
  2. The sagging flesh on the human throat of an old person.

6 letters in word "dewlap": A D E L P W.

No anagrams for dewlap found in this word list.

Words found within dewlap:

ad ae al ale alew alp ape aped aw awdl awe awed awl da dae dal dale dap daw de deal deaw del dew dwale ea ed el eld la lad lade lap law lawed lea lead leap led lep lew lewd pa pad padle pal pale paled paw pawed pawl pe pea peal ped pedal pela pew plea plead pled plew wad wade wae wald wale waled wap we weal weald wed weld

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